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Colour photos onto sepia canvas print

Sepia effect is used when adding shades of brown tones to make the picture look old fashioned. Sepia tends to make the picture look softer than it would in black and white. Sepia canvas prints are a great way to turn ordinary images into stunning artworks. Sepia might be ideal for posed or portrait photographs but it might not be so well suited to other images types.

Traditionally photographers use sepia toning to create a warm tone to the picture. The development of photographs requires a long process of using different chemicals to get the desired dark brown grey colour. Sepia was made by pigments from the ink sac of a sepia officinalis cuttlefish off the English Channel. Chemicals in the sepia pigments have a more resistance to the environmental pollution than black and white prints. Therefore this allows the photograph to last longer, even for over 150 years. This is why sepia prints are associated with the old age feel to the photograph. Period photography in the 1880s and wild west movies used sepia as a special effect. This style has become a genre in it self.

Now a days, many of this toning effect can be done digitally. Many digitally cameras have built in pre-sets to convert your pictures into sepia. Software such as Photoshop and Gimp allows you to personalise your own photographs into stunning masterpieces. Compared to the conventional method this would have taken the entire day to produce.

There are other effects that we offer such as colour splash, black and white and more. Why not try the effects of red-ize, blue-ize, green-ize? Each effect works in a similar way to a sepia transformation but adds a tint of each specific colour to the image.

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