Photo Canvas Printing

Print your digital photos onto canvas
High quality canvas prints from your images


How large can my photo be printed onto canvas

To order a canvas
print start by sending
your image

Simply "browse" for your image on your pc and then click "send". 30mb Max. Jpg files only.

Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses. You can't get better value than free!

Canvas print size guide

If you would like to see our full range of canvas sizes and prices please click here

This page will help you determine the print size that is best for your image. You will be able to get information on the following questions:-

* What is the maximum print size for my image to produce the best quality canvas print?

To get answers to these questions, just follow the help guides below. For the most accurate advice you will need to know the height and width of your image in pixels. Alternatively we can make a rough estimate if you know the number of megapixels of the camera from which the picture was taken. Please also remember that our ordering system will take a quick scan of your image and only provide you with sizes that we recommend will work well.

For help on finding the pixel height and width of your image click here

How big can my megapixel camera print?

If you have set your digital camera to take photos at its maximum quality/size then you should be able to get a rough idea of maximum print size from the following list.

* 3 Megapixel up to a 20inch x 28inch canvas print
* 4 Megapixel up to a 24inch x 32inch canvas print
* 5 Megapixel up to a 28inch x 36inch canvas print
* 6 Megapixel up to a 28inch x 40inch canvas print
* 7 Megapixel up to a 32inch x 44inch canvas print
* 8 Megapixel up to a 32inch x 48inch canvas print
* 10 Megapixel up to a 40inch x 48inch canvas print

Please note that enlarging images for canvas printing is not an exact science. Certain images size up better than others and if in doubt please do just get in contact to check.